Ginger, Yuzu…You Can Purchase Various Local Delicacies from Kochi IN TOKYO! Check Out the Tour of “Marugoto Kochi.”

Did you know that Kochi Prefecture is the largest producer of ginger and the citrus fruit Yuzu in Japan as well as one of the country’s hidden tea growing regions? Check out this recent live stream filmed by YouTube producer Continue Reading

Jarman International Content Specialist Hana Shiraishi Debuts her New Song on Only in Japan Go

Thanks to great support from Core 50 member and Youtuber Creator extraordinaire John Daub of Only in Japan (over 1.2 million subscribers), Jarman International Content Specialist Hana Victoria Shiraishi was able to perform her new song live on Only in Continue Reading

Jarman CEO Ruth Jarman departs on observation and advisory trip to Tōhoku Japan for the Ministry of Reconstruction

            Jarman CEO Ruth Jarman serves as advisor for the New Tōhoku Project under the Ministry of Reconstruction’s effort to support Japan’s amazing Tōhoku area in its revival from the devastating Great Tōhoku Earthquake and Continue Reading