JI Philosophy

Jarman International Philosophy : We aim to help Japan ease smoothly in to the new and exciting possibilities of internationalization.

Jarman Works to Bring Japan and the World Closer
There are so many amazing locations, experiences and opportunities Japan can offer the world. Via our training programs through Train to Globalize, nationwide presentations, books, marketing and promotion projects for clients and various consulting activities with our JI Core 50 group of professionals, Jarman works to help Japan ease into a new and exciting era of internationalization and help non-Japanese clients enjoy the unique locations, services, food and attractions in Japan.

Promotion is a Challenge for Japan
One of the best aspects of Japanese culture is how understated things can be. Beauty is found in the humility, quiet and hard work. Being the best in a quiet, under-the-radar way and having people discover your quality without self-promotion is part of the Samurai, Bushido culture. In this age of the Internet and everything being so readily accessible, coupled with the fact that more and more non-Japanese speaking guests are arriving to explore the country, there is a deep need for promotion, marketing and sales strategy help in Japan.

Jarman International appreciates and highly values the understated aspect of Japanese culture but at the same time, we want more internationals to be able to enjoy this great place. We do our best to serve as a link by helping to explain and share the depth of Japan with the world.