On Thursday, August 31st, from 23:00 to 23:30, popular YouTuber John Daub, known for his “Only in Japan” series, will appear on the popular TV program “Tokoro-san! This is an Incident!”(NHK General 1)

As we move into the post-COVID era, many people feel that inbound tourists are returning to Japan. Did you know that “the super-wealthy” is now a buzzword? On the episode airing on August 31st, John Daub, who is also JI’s Continue Reading

Jarman International CEO, Ruth Jarman, speaks at North Miyazaki Corporate Association’s General Meeting in Nobeoka, Miyazaki Japan.

Ruth’s most recent speech was given to an 80-plus audience of CEOs and corporate executives in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki, Japan. Using successful examples from the Jarman International Yonezawa City, Eastwood Country Club, and Kochi Prefecture promotion projects, Ruth stressed the Continue Reading

AKA Virtual to Serve as Headline Sponsor for JI Charity Golf Cup Again in June

For the second month in a row, AKA Virtual will serve as the headline sponsor for the June Jarman International  Charity Golf Cup held at EastWood Country Club in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture. Based in Tokyo, home to animation and endless innovations, Continue Reading

JI CORE 50 Consultant Thomas Kruse Supports Zero Waste Walk Event in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture

JI Core 50 member, Thomas Kruse and his partner, the renowned influencer, Etsuna  (Etsuna’s IG), recently made a visit to Yonezawa City and participated in the local event, Zero Waste Walk. This is a monthly gathering in Yonezawa City that Continue Reading

AKA Virtual to Serve as Headline Sponsor for JI Charity Golf Cup in May and June

Following on from a successful group day at EastWood Country Club last month, we are delighted to announce that AKA Virtual will be our headline sponsor for the JI Charity Golf Cup in May and June for the very first time. Continue Reading

JI Leads Globalization Training Program for New HRR Employees

On May 1, 2023, Jarman International was honored to lead a one-day training program for five newly-hired employees of client company, Hotel & Residence Roppongi (HRR). Centered around the topic of “Japan’s Globalization Efforts and Improving Your Ability to Respond,” Continue Reading

The Japan Times Publishes Article on Yonezawa’s ‘Secret’ Ubayu Onsen

The Japan Times, the most widely read source of English-language news in Japan, recently published an article by contributing writer, Cassandra Lord, on her visit to Yonezawa’s Ubayu Onsen Masugataya. Situated some 1,300 meters above sea level and deep in Continue Reading

Ken Guilfoyle, CPA of BDO Tax Co., to Serve as Headline Sponsor Again for the April JI Charity Golf Cup

Jarman International is excited to share that Ken Guilfoyle, CPA of BDO Tax Co. and global tax coach, will once again serve as headline sponsor for the April JI Charity Golf Cup at EastWood Country Club. This is the second month in a row that Continue Reading

Ruth Marie Jarman Featured on April 1st Episode of Scaling Japan Podcast

If you are a foreign business owner eager to sell your services to the Japanese government and learn more about doing business in Japan, be sure to check out the April 1st episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast featuring Jarman International Continue Reading

Jarman International CEO and Core 50 Consultants Serve as Guest Speakers at Cosmo Energy Holdings’ Internationalization Forum

In March 2023, Jarman International was honored to be invited to speak at a series of seminars held by client company, Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., as part of their DX and Internationalization Forum.  The forum kicked off with a Continue Reading