Enter the 2021 Giveaway for the Chance to Win a Luxury 10,000 YEN Dining Experience of Modern Japanese-Italian Cuisine at COCONOMA Season Dining, Tokyo!

One of our partners, COCONOMA Season Dining, Tokyo has announced their new January 2021 Giveaway where the name of a lucky participant will be drawn randomly, and given a complimentary evening meal up to two guests (10,000 yen per person). COCONOMA Continue Reading

Hotel and Residence Roppongi -“COCONOMA” Wine dining eating with chopsticks

Coconoma Season Dining restaurant has an impressive selection of wines from around the world, varying from the reasonably priced to the very extravagant – Wine made by Japanese brewer, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Italy, New World wines and so on. It has Continue Reading

Hotel and Residence Roppongi – Coconoma’s Monthly Lunch Specials

Well summer is here, and here are Coconoma’s monthly lunch specials with a theme of “Beat the summer heat!” Coconoma Season Dining restaurant serves the most memorable meals for those who are working hard in this super-hot season. Coconoma’s talented Continue Reading

Hotel and Residence Roppongi – COCONOMA Special Pancakes

As a pancake boom sweeps the nation, waffle shops are everywhere and gooey goops of chocolate sauce are merrily mixed into multi-flavored ice cream at Coldstone. Having said that, it is not always that easy to find real good pancakes Continue Reading

Hotel and Residence Roppongi – 18 Best Cost Performance Lunch Selection

Coconoma is the fabulous, top class hotel restaurant at the Hotel and Residence Roppongi. An eclectic mix of ancient and modern Japan, Coconoma might inspire your idea of Japanese kuukan (space) and how you might incorporate the feel of “Wa” Continue Reading

Hotel and Residence Roppongi – An Excellent Accommodation Option

The stylish, boutique hotel,  Hotel and Residence Roppongi is a fantastic accommodation option in Tokyo.  It is very conveniently located within walking distance to Roppongi Hills, which is home to many large corporations, a multitude of fine fashion stores and Continue Reading