Hotel and Residence Roppongi -“COCONOMA” Wine dining eating with chopsticks

Coconoma Season Dining restaurant has an impressive selection of wines from around the world, varying from the reasonably priced to the very extravagant – Wine made by Japanese brewer, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Italy, New World wines and so on.

It has a raised seating area called “Koagari” in Japanese and you can relax and enjoy a VIP atmosphere in the small separate dining room. Open throughout the day, Coconoma is themed around providing healthy and delicious Italian style food using seasonal ingredients, accompanied by a great wine selection.

Coconoma actually has the collection of 500 bottles of wine from all over the world and fresh food from all over Japan. Good wine and meticulously prepared creative cuisine are meant to work together and much like a happy marriage, they only serve to complement each other!

Dinner is served every day from 18:00 to 25:00.  (Last Order 23:00) For private parties, seats and rooms are reserved and on the 13th floor there are special rooms.

Experience Coconoma (inside the stylish Hotel and Residence Roppongi) today.  Looking forward to welcoming you!

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