Deep Japan : Akiba is not just the Electric Town

Akihabara is a very unique spot of Tokyo well-known globally as a sightseeing destination. Many people flock to this flashy decorated part of the metropolis each for their own special reasons. The area is home to numerous shops that sell anime goods and games in addition to consumer electric appliances, electronic devices and software in the Electric Town. Many foreign tourists visit there in search of goods related to Japanese anime and video games. The name Akihabara is commonly shortened to “Akiba.”

Our Deep Japan Senpai writer, Alex shares his views on  “Top 5 Awesome Things About Akihabara“. He is a Youtube Japan Video Blogger and Subculture Enthusiast -His Subtokyo‘s focus is on cool things in Japan, including anime, manga, events, and food.

His Top 5 are;

1. The Otaku Mecca with specialty stores
2. Video game arcades
3. Maid Cafes and Other Themed Cafes
4. The idol scene is HUGE
5. Itasha (painful car!?)

You can feel the vibe and atmosphere of Akiba by reading his article here. With nice Youtube video, it is very helpful to study the place before your visit.  Many stores in Akihabara are staffed by assistants who speak foreign languages. As Akiba is a whole different world in itself,  explore the otaku heaven and enjoy subculture in Japan!
There are some other fun info from Subtokyo’s Alex writing on Deep Japan site:

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