Deep Japan : Inside track to the best food and culture in Japan

Don’t you think one of the greatest fun when you travel is to feel like a real local in the authentic flavors of that city?

Though there’s certainly no shame in it, no one likes to feel like a tourist. Unless you are with a local, it can be hard to unearth the hidden sites and  lesser-known haunts of a given city. Our Deep Japan site puts visitors on the inside track to the best food, historic sites and culture in Japan.

Here is one great example.

Asakusa is one of the best places you should visit during your stay in Tokyo. Do you know the third oldest underground passage in Japan is at Asakusa Station? Do you know a very famous very strong alcohol in Asakusa called “Denki-Bran”? Another drink recommendation. Many bars line up along the Hoppy Street in Asakusa area. What is “Hoppy”? Our Senpai writer, Keiko’s article will tell you the answers.

Places to feel like locals in Asakusa

If you are looking for suggestions of places and advices that are a little different from what you might find in conventional travel guides, take a look on the Deep Japan Website. There are so many choices and it’s extremely helpful to learn from someone who actually lives here. We have a lof of wonderful Deep Japan Senpai writers who are willing to share their favorite haunts and hideaway spots!

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Keiko is also authoring facebook page “Old Town Tokyo“, which shares the secret places or current events around “Shitamachi,” the eastern part of Tokyo, e.g., Asakusa, Ueno or Ryogoku. Great info with intersting pictures! Check out here