Discovering #FukushimaFriendly – Read all about JI Core 50 member Daniel Moore’s recent adventure in northeast Japan!

In late October, one of our JI Core 50 members, Daniel Moore, visited Fukushima Prefecture to explore its unique culture, rich history, warm community, and breathtaking landscapes glowing with the energetic colors of autumn. From trying on traditional samurai gear Continue Reading

May Serviced Apartment Discounts at H&R Roppongi

Serviced Apartment 15% OFF Campaign at H&R Roppongi When you come to Tokyo for a longer stay, consider using one of H & R Roppongi’s Service Apartments instead of a hotel room. Their apartments come fully furnished and equipped and Continue Reading

Getting Into the Spirit of the Hiroshima Oyster Season

As New Year’s well wishes fade from conversations across Japan, an unspoken but equally cheerful sentiment permeates the atmosphere of Hiroshima Prefecture: “Happy Hiroshima Oyster Season!” Echoes of this can of course be heard and tasted year around in the Continue Reading

Deep Japan: “Restaurant Chez Mikawa”, Fine Belgian cuisine and beer in Akasaka

Article by YumikoH, originally published on Deep Japan Do you like Japanese beers? Yes, they’re light, fine and refreshing. I love them! But sometimes, I feel like having something different, like Belgian beers. In Tokyo, you can find bars offering Belgian beers, Continue Reading

Deep Japan: Ride The Tokyo Metro Like A Boss With These Apps

Article by jdlawrence originally published on Deep Japan Subterranean Spaghetti To people new to Japan, the Tokyo subway system, stylishly called “Tokyo Metro” is a confusing labyrinth of lines going every which way. Orderly thought and planning, it would appear, seem to Continue Reading

Deep Japan: Be a princess in Authentic Japanese Kimono

Article by Skymaho originally published on Deep Japan The kimono is famous worldwide as a national costume in Japan and many tourists who visit Japan would like to try on a kimono or purchase one. However, a genuine kimono is very expensive. Continue Reading