Hotel and Residence Roppongi: Japan’s Most Unique Boutique Hotel

Located just between the Nishi Azabu crossing and Roppongi Hills, Hotel and Residence Roppongi was completely renewed into Japan’s most unique boutique hotel just two years back. Combining SOHO work space, all the luxury and service support available with a Continue Reading

Hotel & Residence Roppongi : Coconoma’s Autumn Lunch Specials

Autumn is the season for healthy appetites. A time to indulge in the bounty of the harvest and nourish ourselves for the cold months ahead. Check out Coconoma Autumn lunch specials that symbolize hearty autumn eating in Japan! They are Continue Reading

Hotel and Residence Roppongi – Coconoma’s Monthly Lunch Specials

Well summer is here, and here are Coconoma’s monthly lunch specials with a theme of “Beat the summer heat!” Coconoma Season Dining restaurant serves the most memorable meals for those who are working hard in this super-hot season. Coconoma’s talented Continue Reading

Hotel and Residence Roppongi Hosts HOTEL Vida DJ Party

A series of special DJ parties are held at Hotel and Residence Roppongi on the fourth Friday every month. Next event is scheduled on 25th July Friday, starting from 6pm. Let’s get together and celebrate the coming of early summer! Continue Reading

Hotel and Residence Roppongi – COCONOMA Special Pancakes

As a pancake boom sweeps the nation, waffle shops are everywhere and gooey goops of chocolate sauce are merrily mixed into multi-flavored ice cream at Coldstone. Having said that, it is not always that easy to find real good pancakes Continue Reading

Hotel and Residence Roppongi – 18 Best Cost Performance Lunch Selection

Coconoma is the fabulous, top class hotel restaurant at the Hotel and Residence Roppongi. An eclectic mix of ancient and modern Japan, Coconoma might inspire your idea of Japanese kuukan (space) and how you might incorporate the feel of “Wa” Continue Reading