Hotel and Residence Roppongi – Coconoma’s Monthly Lunch Specials

Well summer is here, and here are Coconoma’s monthly lunch specials with a theme of “Beat the summer heat!

Coconoma Season Dining restaurant serves the most memorable meals for those who are working hard in this super-hot season.

Coconoma’s talented culinary staff are serving up a wide variety of pasta dishes on their brand new lunch menu. Come by for Coconoma’s seasonal lunch! With fresh ingredients from Ishigaki island/Okinawa, they are designed to prevent summer fatigue and loss of appetite by eating them. They are all priced reasonably (1,000 yen for each set menu including a small salad). You can also upgrade your lunch set to include salad bar by additional 200 yen.

– Eggplant and Steamed chicken Soymilk cream Cold Capellini

– Bitter Melon and Spam Tomato sauce Pasta

– Seaweed MOZUKU, Sticky Vegetables and Octopus Peperoncino

– Summer Vegetable Spicy Risotto
Lunch is served every day from 11:00am to 3:00pm. (*Hot coffee or tea can be served together with lunch for free until 2:00pm)

Experience Coconoma (inside the stylish Hotel and Residence Roppongi) today.  Looking forward to welcoming you!

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