H&R Group – English Speaking hairdressers in Tokyo

In a large city such as Tokyo, not excelling in Japanese isn’t too much of a problem. Tokyo people are accustomed to foreigners being around, and understand that they may be less than fluent. In daily lives, gestures and body language are often readily acceptable as communicative currency. However, for some things signaling is not quite enough, sometimes a misunderstanding can have lasting consequences.

A trip to the hair dresser is one of those times. You don’t want to have a completely botched hairstyle when you just wanted to have a slight trim.

However, if you know where to look, Tokyo abounds with hairdressers of high repute who, not only know their clipper grades one, two and three, but also have a masterful command fo their A, B and Cs. Japan Info Swap offers list of such hair dressers for your reference here.

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