Enoshima Island Spa : Hot springs (Onsen) in Summer?…Yes!

We invite you to experience the healing of Japanese mineral hot springs – Onsen. The onsen is an essential part of the Japan experience. When you hear onsen in this super-hot season, the thought of immersing onself in hot water on an already steamy day doesn’t sound particularly appealing, but Japanese people visit onsen year-round. Why getting even hotter during 40-degree weather?

Well, the primary and important reason to visit Japanese hot springs is ostensibly their detoxifying and healing effects. The natural spring water contains elements like sulphur and sodium chloride, and is thought to heal aches and pains, and even help with conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and rheumatism. Enoshima Island Spa‘s hot springs have a high salt content that is effective to detoxify your body due to a good sweat when you take time for bathing. You feel your body as light as in sea water when you relax the muscles of your whole body.

As an exclusive Holistic Club, Enoshima Island Spa incorporates beautiful views, healing hot spring, aromatic scents, nutritious foods and warming pools to fully refresh guests and help them recover from busy stress-filled days. Enoshima Island Spa will be the perfect get-away for a soft, romantic one-day treat from hectic Tokyo life. (only 80 minutes from Tokyo by trains)

There is no reservation required for entrance and the entrance rate is 2,742 yen/person.

Allow for some extra time for a massage to take in the view from our onsen and pools. Our Mermaid package plans are always very popular that include the full day facility use.

Clean Body, Clear Mind – You will find complete relaxation and satisfaction during your stay. You won’t be disappointed!


Mermaid Plan

40 minutes, ¥9, 762 (Body treatment only)

60 minutes, ¥13, 002 (Body treatment only)

80 minutes, ¥16, 350  (2 options : “Body and Reflexology” or “Body and Facial”)


*Enospa’s Signature therapeutic massage treatment.

*Full facility use and membership included in plan.


Visit Enoshima Island Spa website and Facebook page. To make a booking for treatment, please phone directly on 0466-29-0690.