Hotel and Residence Roppongi – 18 Best Cost Performance Lunch Selection

Coconoma is the fabulous, top class hotel restaurant at the Hotel and Residence Roppongi.

An eclectic mix of ancient and modern Japan, Coconoma might inspire your idea of Japanese kuukan (space) and how you might incorporate the feel of “Wa” into your own daily life. It has a raised seating area called “Koagari” in Japanese and you can relax and enjoy a VIP atmosphere in the small separate dining room. Japanese Culture & Style introduces beautiful aspects of Japan every day and they feature Coconoma recently. Take a look at it here and let it inspire you.

Open throughout the day, Coconoma is themed around providing healthy and delicious Italian style food using seasonal ingredients, accompanied by a great wine selection.

A delicious lunch menu is available from 11am to 3:00pm, including lunch sets consisting of a main dish, along with items of your choice from the salad and dessert bar. The current Premium fois gras risotto special is excellent at only 1,480 yen. They are recently picked up for “18 Best Cost Performance Lunch selection” by Magazine Josei Jishin. If you don’t like fois gras there are several other choices from only 1,000 yen.

Experience Coconoma (inside the stylish Hotel and Residence Roppongi) today!  Please also visit their website or like their Facebook page.