Hotel and Residence Roppongi – COCONOMA Special Pancakes

As a pancake boom sweeps the nation, waffle shops are everywhere and gooey goops of chocolate sauce are merrily mixed into multi-flavored ice cream at Coldstone. Having said that, it is not always that easy to find real good pancakes in a restaurant.

Coconoma Season Dining offer one of a kind masterpiece pancakes. They are picked up by multiple mass media for their popular pancakes and their Grand chef, Kinya Hishinuma is willing to share his special receipe when interviewed by the Tokyo Newspaper.  One of the secret of making great pancakes is to separate the eggs. Separate out the egg whites, beat them to stiff peaks as if you were making meringue, and then fold the otherwise-finished pancake batter into those beaten egg whites.  A friend of mine working at a restaurant told me this process of separating eggs for pancakes is very labor-intensive and many restaurants just don’t do that. The Grand chef Hishinuma pays great attention to every detail to ensure your experience really is the most satisfying treat.

Chocolate Pancake ¥1,200 (Drink set ¥1,400)

Full of chocolate chips inside.Topped with gorgeously thick chocolate nappage combinated with praline almonds. Bitter chocolate 65% made from Venezuela, with Caramelized Banana. A bite of pancakes will bring you fly to heaven.

Pancakes are not just for breakfast anymore. Please come out and enjoy great pancakes at Coconoma inside the Hotel and Residence Roppongi.

Business time offering Pancake menus : Weekdays 2-5pm, On weekend 11am-5pm