Deep Japan First official guidebook : “Mt. FUJI Travel Guide”

Iconic Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and was designated by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site in June 2013. Mount Fuji and the Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko) are among the most popular destinations for international travelers in Japan. In commemoration of the first anniversary,  Deep Japan publishes first official electronic guidebook, “Mt. FUJI Travel Guide“.

This guidebook is illustrated with beautiful photos and covers a wide range of topics: local foods, festivals, onsen (hot spring), popular sights, superb view points, shrines, hotels and transportation. This guide will help you plan a day trip from Tokyo or Kyoto or a longer visit exploring the area. The first edition of the comprehensive “Mt. Fuji Travel Guide” was compiled by the editorial team of the Deep Japan travel website in cooperation with the tourism divisions of local governments and organizations. Such an sight-seeing promotion endeavor has no previous example or precedent or parallel. By editing some existing contents and focusing on electronic book distribution, it was made possible to offer them at reasonable price. (US$2.99)

Mt. Fuji, Introduction
Finally, a World Cultural Heritage Site
The Fuji Five Lakes Region (Fujigoko)
Approaches To Mt. Fuji Area
Scenes of Mount Fuji
Mt. Fuji Climbing

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