Tokyo Getaway – Enoshima Island

Summer offers a lot of unique challenges for your health and well-being. This can be especially true for your life in Japan whether you live here or you are just visiting. Summer in Japan not only has high temperatures, but 80-100% humidity on most days as well. The busy life of work, travel or family will often take that valuable time away from making sure that you are caring for yourself.

Where are the good getaway spots around Tokyo?

At the center of the Shonan resort area lies Enoshima, a popular seaside destination to which locals and visitors alike flock in the summer months. It is the perfect place for a day trip away from the city. Its sandy beaches—some of the closest to Tokyo and Yokohama—and clear waters are perfect for a change and offer a cool respite from the fierce summer sun. A very short trip from Tokyo, but you still can feel like you are escaping from the bulk of it. A very important factor in “getting away from it all”.

Savvy Tokyo issues a great introduction to Enoshima island and Enoshima Island Spa (Enospa) recently. Megan Water, a writer, has visited Enospa countless times when Tokyo living gets a bit much and she confidently says that this hot spring rejuvenation center is a real diamond in the rough. Please read the full story here.

The outdoor heated pools overlooking the ocean are also highly recommended in summer. It’s a great place to order a drink, and either kick back in a reclining chair, or sit in the pool and let your arms drape over the water’s edge. Gaze upon Mt. Fuji, enjoy the coastal weather, and just remember that you were probably in the Tokyo Metropolis just a few hours before. I can assure that in itself can be a very surreal moment.

Visit Enoshima Island and Enoshima Island Spa this summer!

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(Photo by Megan Water, from Savvy Tokyo)