Jarman International CEO, Ruth Marie Jarman, discussed the growth of tourism in Japan with Ryan Takeshita, the Chief Global Editor and Vice President at PIVOT, an innovative Tokyo-based media startup

On May 14th, Jarman International CEO, Ruth Marie Jarman, sat down with Ryan Takeshita who is the Chief Global Editor and Vice President at PIVOT (1.6+ million subscribers on their YouTube channel) to record two podcast episodes (one in English Continue Reading

John Daub Unveils New Video: Japanese Shipwreck Survivor’s Unexpected Life | The Manjiro Story

  As audiences worldwide enjoy the drama of the Shogun series, JI partner and well-known YouTuber John Daub of “ONLY in JAPAN,” recently introduced his audience to a different story about the shogunate age, through the life story of Nakahama Manjiro, a young Continue Reading

YouTuber John Daub Explores Ancient Samurai Festival in Fukushima Japan in His Latest Video

  JI partner, popularly known as the YouTuber John Daub from “ONLY in JAPAN,” recently unveiled a captivating video on October 26th, titled “Thrilling 700-Year-Old Japanese Armored Racing“. This episode delves into a time-honored event in the Fukushima Prefecture of Continue Reading

YouTuber John Daub Explores Hiroshima’s Atomic Bomb Train History in Latest Video

  JI partner, popularly known as the YouTuber John Daub from “ONLY in JAPAN” has just published an enlightening and poignant new video on September 29th, titled “Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Train Experience & Survivor Story.” The video promises to offer Continue Reading

Jarman International Assists Farmers Marche in Hosting Kick-Off Party, As Featured in Japan Today

  Farmers Marche, recently spotlighted in Japan Today, is an emerging service designed for the international community in Japan. This innovative platform delivers fresh, seasonal vegetables and food products directly from Japanese producers to customers’ doorsteps. To amplify the reach Continue Reading

On Thursday, August 31st, from 23:00 to 23:30, popular YouTuber John Daub, known for his “Only in Japan” series, will appear on the popular TV program “Tokoro-san! This is an Incident!”(NHK General 1)

As we move into the post-COVID era, many people feel that inbound tourists are returning to Japan. Did you know that “the super-wealthy” is now a buzzword? On the episode airing on August 31st, John Daub, who is also JI’s Continue Reading

Jarman International CEO, Ruth Jarman, speaks at North Miyazaki Corporate Association’s General Meeting in Nobeoka, Miyazaki Japan.

Ruth’s most recent speech was given to an 80-plus audience of CEOs and corporate executives in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki, Japan. Using successful examples from the Jarman International Yonezawa City, Eastwood Country Club, and Kochi Prefecture promotion projects, Ruth stressed the Continue Reading

Ruth Marie Jarman Featured on April 1st Episode of Scaling Japan Podcast

If you are a foreign business owner eager to sell your services to the Japanese government and learn more about doing business in Japan, be sure to check out the April 1st episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast featuring Jarman International Continue Reading