John Daub Unveils New Video: Japanese Shipwreck Survivor’s Unexpected Life | The Manjiro Story


John Daub Unveils New Video: Japanese Shipwreck Survivor's Unexpected Life | The Manjiro Story

As audiences worldwide enjoy the drama of the Shogun series, JI partner and well-known YouTuber John Daub of “ONLY in JAPAN,” recently introduced his audience to a different story about the shogunate age, through the life story of Nakahama Manjiro, a young Japanese fisherman whose fate was forever altered following a shipwreck in 1841.

After being rescued by American whalers, Manjiro embarked on an extraordinary journey, becoming the first Japanese person to live in America. He received an education there that equipped him with unique insights and knowledge. Manjiro’s return to Japan amid the California Gold Rush era saw him take on an influential role as a hatamoto, a samurai in direct service to the shogun. His work as a translator and efforts in bridging Japan with the Western world came at a time when the nation was just emerging from years of isolation.

His observations of life and society in the United States came right before the Meiji government ended the feudal era of Japan’s history. No other Japanese person had lived abroad to give such perspectives and his influence on officials was powerful enough to inspire leaders to modernize and open the country to the world.

John Daub’s storytelling brings to light Manjiro’s significant contributions to Japan’s modernization and its relationships with the Western world. Through Manjiro’s story, viewers gain an in-depth perspective of the transformation of an individual who played a pivotal role in shaping the course of Japanese history. His adventures from being a shipwrecked fisherman to influencing the opening of Japan to international trade and diplomacy illustrate the profound impact one person can have on the destiny of a nation.

“The Manjiro Story” is not just a recounting of historical events; it’s a narrative about overcoming adversity, embracing new cultures, and forging a legacy that transcends borders. John’s latest video invites viewers into the heart of a story that, while rooted in the past, resonates with timeless themes of courage, exploration, and connection. 

Don’t miss out on this journey back in time. Watch the full episode on the “ONLY in JAPAN” YouTube channel.


Japanese Shipwreck Survivor's Unexpected Life | The Manjiro Story ★ ONLY in JAPAN