John Daub

Nationality: American
Time Living in Japan: More than 15 years

Employer: Self-employed Founder of Only in Japan YouTube Japan travel series
Current Job Title: YouTuber, Multimedia Producer, and Director

Areas of Expertise: Video Production, Reporting
Education: Ohio State University
Publications: View more details on John Daub’s bibliography here.

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Japan’s Amazing Food
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Any tatami room, garden or ramen shop.

BIO: John moved to Japan in 1998 and lived in 16 different cities around the country. John has visited all 47 prefectures and hitchhiked Japan from Wakkanai, Hokkaido to Kagoshima in 2003. John has run in the Tokyo Marathon, enjoys scuba diving, and is a food lover!

Recently Published Work
John Daub publishes a new YouTube video on his YouTube Channel Only in Japan Go every 10 days to 2 weeks from interesting locations around Japan. John introduces interesting destinations, products, and services across Japan to more than 144,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel from across the world.

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