Ruth Marie Jarman Featured on April 1st Episode of Scaling Japan Podcast

If you are a foreign business owner eager to sell your services to the Japanese government and learn more about doing business in Japan, be sure to check out the April 1st episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast featuring Jarman International CEO, Ruth Marie Jarman.

In this episode, Ruth shares her extensive experience with selling to large entities and the government. She provides great advice on how foreign business owners can build a strong network and form new B2B relationships by paying close attention to detail in everything from writing proposals and positioning yourself as a partner to doing a litmus test to get an idea of whether a relationship is feasible and ensuring you have a legitimate presence in Japanese.

Watch on YouTube:

Selling To The Japanese Government with Ruth Marie Jarman


We hope Ruth’s wisdom and insights encourage more foreign business owners to get involved in government projects for the benefit of Japan.