Jarman International’s Director of Project Management, Chiara Terzuolo, was featured on NHK World’s podcast “Living in Japan” to talk about the delicious and diverse world of Japanese cuisine

From the umami-rich and versatile miso (fermented soybean paste) to protein-packed tofu, Jarman International’s Director of Project Management, Chiara Terzuolo, recently shared her knowledge and love of Japanese cuisine on NHK World’s podcast “Living in Japan”. Co-hosted by Jarman International Continue Reading

Ruth Marie Jarman Appears on NHK Radio 1’s “CHIKYU RADIO” to Discuss Disaster Preparedness for International Residents in Japan

The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011 had a devastating impact on Japan. As a result, March 11 has been designated as Inochi no Hi (Day of Life) and Bonsai Ishiki wo Sodateru Hi (Day for Fostering Disaster Awareness), Continue Reading

Shimanami Kaido’s largest cycling event returns this year with a special offer for international residents!

Are you an international resident and avid cyclist in Japan? For the first time in four years, the Shimanami Kaido’s largest cycling event, Cycling Shimanami, is coming back this October with a special package for international residents! What is the Continue Reading

In Yamatogokoro’s inbound report, Jarman International CEO Ruth Marie Jarman shares insightful tips for successful tourism marketing based on the keyword, “international residents”!

The outbreak of COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way we think about tourism and inbound strategies. Among countries that are struggling to contain the pandemic however, there are those successfully implementing widespread vaccinations and allowing tourism travel to slowly return.  Based Continue Reading