Vicki L. Beyer Explores One of Japan’s Largest Limestone Caves.

In late November, during her trip to Iwate prefecture, JI Core 50 member Vicki L. Beyer visited Ryusendo, one of the three largest limestone caves in Japan, which is a designated National Natural Treasure.

Ryusendo is also known as the “cave of the dragon’s spring” perhaps due to the underground river that pours out of the mouth of the cave, which makes for a mesmerizing, magical view.

The cave is so large that it is still being explored nearly a century after formal surveys first began. It is at least five kilometers long, but also has substantial vertical portions, including at least eight known underground lakes, the deepest of which is 120 meters (the deepest underground lake known in Japan). There are also other, smaller pools, deep water sections of the river, including the “pool of long life” just inside the mouth of the cave. (Farther into the cave, there is a “spring of long life”, too.)

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