Vicki L. Beyer

Nationality: American-Australian
Time Living in Japan: More than 25 years

Area(s) of Expertise: Japanese Employment Law and Employment Practices, Corporate Governance, finding fun and interesting travel destinations in Japan

Education: BA, MA, JD, LLM
Publications Featured In:, ACCJ JournalHR Agenda

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Always something new to learn or explore.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Kamakura

BIO: Vicki is a professor of law and former in-house employment/corporate lawyer. She is also a freelance travel writer who has been writing about exploring Japan for a decade, capitalizing on nearly three decades of experience living and traveling in Japan. She’s particularly interested in the relationship between people and places, both historically and currently. From mid-2018, Vicki was appointed as a “Cool Oka-ku Ambassador” (a/k/a Glibal City Ota Ambassador) to aid Tokyo’s Ota Ward (where she lives) in its efforts to promote international tourism in the area.

Recently Published Work

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  • “Brewing UP Success: A Modern Woman in a Time-Honored Occupation”, Number 1 Shinbun, December 2017
  • “The best way forward: Flexible working arrangements benefit women in the Japanese workplace,” Eurobiz Japan (November 2016)
  • Monthly travel articles for
  • Articles for Metropolis