Vicki L. Beyer

Nationality: American-Australian
Time Living in Japan: 30 years

Areas of Expertise: Japanese Employment Law and Employment Practices, Corporate Governance, finding fun and interesting travel destinations in Japan, promoting in-bound tourism

Education: BA, MA, JD, LLM
Publications Featured In: JAPAN TODAY, SavvyTokyo, Metropolis, Tokyo Weekender, ACCJ JournalHR Agenda

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Always something new to learn or explore.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Kamakura

BIO: Vicki is a professor of law and former in-house employment/corporate lawyer. She is also a freelance travel writer who has been writing about exploring Japan for a decade, capitalizing on three decades of experience living and traveling in Japan. She has visited every prefecture in Japan. She’s particularly interested in the relationship between people and places, both historically and currently. From mid-2018, Vicki was appointed as a “Cool Ota-ku Ambassador” (a/k/a Global City Ota Ambassador) to aid Tokyo’s Ota Ward (where she lives) in its efforts to promote international tourism in the area. In 2021 she was appointed as a judge for the Japan Travel Awards. You can read an interview with her here.

Recently Published Work

Vicki Beyer went on a consulting trip for Jarman International to one of Japan’s richest cultural heritage destinations, Kanazawa.

As a history lover, I find Kanazawa to be a fascinating place.  On my most recent visit, in addition to enjoying the experience of Kaga Yuzen dyeing, I spent a day enjoying Kanazawa sightseeing and exploring the city using machi-nori bicycles

First I rode along the Asano River to reach the Kanazawa Gold Leaf Museum. I learned so much from the exhibits at the museum, and also from visiting a nearby workshop. 

Then I meandered through Higashi Chaya and enjoyed an excellent lunch in one of the “tea houses”. Next, I bicycled to Oyama Shrine, with its unique front gate. Finally, I rode to the Naga-machi Buke-yashiki Samurai district.  Since it had started to rain, I popped into a couple of the museums of that area and was fascinated by the artifacts there.

There is so much to explore in Kanazawa. I hope I can return again soon!

Vicki L. Beyer Vicki L. Beyer Vicki L. Beyer Vicki L. Beyer



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