Diving into the World of Kochi’s Sake with John Gauntner and John Daub

On September 14, John Daub (the presenter and creator of popular YouTube channels ONLY in JAPAN * John Daub and ONLY in JAPAN * GO) livestreamed a sake tasting experience at Marugoto Kochi.

Located in Ginza, this “antenna shop” is the best place in Tokyo to sample and buy local specialties from Kochi Prefecture, including a large selection of regional sake, sold in the Tosa Kura sake shop.

John Gauntner, the world’s leading non-Japanese sake expert, was a special guest on the stream, and shared his knowledge of Kochi’s brews with both participants and viewers who tuned in from all around the world.

Kochi’s sake is known for being the driest sake in Japan, which makes it particularly drinkable and easy to pair with a wide variety of cuisines.

Be sure to check out the livestream: 『Japanese Sake Regional Drinking Guide | Kochi Breweries』

Japanese Sake Regional Drinking Guide | Kochi Breweries


★”Marugoto Kochi” is an antenna shop where you can purchase various local delicacies from Kochi Prefecture, and is conveniently located in Ginza, Tokyo. If you live in Tokyo or surrounding areas and you have been to or would like to visit Kochi, you can teleport yourself there simply by setting foot in Marugoto Kochi!

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