Nina Cataldo was Interviewed by Savvy Tokyo About Founding the Facebook Community “Hafu Ladies”

Nina Cataldo on Savvy Tokyo

Nina Cataldo, working in Jarman’s Marketing and Project Management, was interviewed by Savvy Tokyo about the Facebook group she launched in 2018 called “Hafu Ladies”. This group strives to create a safe, supportive, educational, and inclusive community for half-Japanese women all over the world.

The interview covers a variety of topics from why she originally launched the Facebook group to how it has been affected by Covid-19.

I want to give people the strength to speak about their experiences. The more that happens, the more we can change people’s view of us and of mixed-race people in general. I hope that being mixed-race or international becomes more normalized in Japan.

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At Jarman International, we are always working toward bridging gaps between Japan and the international community, as well as help spread the importance of diversity with empathy and kindness.

Thank you, Nina, for being an incredible role model, and a warm congratulations to you for the publication!