Nina Cataldo

Nina CataldoNationality: USA-Japan
Time Living in Japan: 13 years

Employer: Self-Employed / ICP Corporation
Current Job Title: Writer, editor, consultant

Areas of Expertise: Travel writing, Public Relations, Writing and Editing, Content Creation and Cross-Cultural Competency

Education: B.A. from Seattle University in Strategic Communications and Creative Writing, JMEC 24 (Tokyo)

Favorite Things About Living in Japan: The thriving global community and the opportunity to constantly challenge myself to try new things thanks to the endless possibilities. DJing, playing in a band, being an active member in various professional and social communities.

Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Nozawaonsen and Myoko for snowboarding, exploring local cuisine and onsen in various regions, hanging out with locals in small-town mom and pop shops.

BIO: Although Nina Cataldo was born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and an American father, she grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States (Portland, OR). Throughout her childhood, Nina was exposed to various foreign cultures through her family’s love for travel and exploration. At the same time, she maintained strong ties to her Japanese roots and grew up with love and appreciation for Japan’s unique customs and culture.

Upon graduating from Seattle University in 2015, Nina moved back to Japan to work for a publishing firm as a writer and editor, specializing in conversational English textbooks for Japanese-to-English learners. She has helped published two English conversation books for Japanese learners of English: “DUO Elements” and “DUO elements mini” and as of 2019, she is working on the third publication in the series.

Nina is an avid traveler who carries her passion for storytelling through her work as a travel writer. She has visited more than 30 of Japan’s prefectures. In the past, has worked as a writer and tourism consultant with JNTO, JTB, and various prefectural governments by utilizing her bicultural background as a strong-suit to bring the East and the West together in harmonious ways.

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