“History Idol” Mikako Shares Fascinating History of Kochi-Born Samurai Sakamoto Ryoma with the World

In a recent livestream on John Daub’s ONLY in JAPAN * GO channel, the history expert and idol Mikako shared her love and deep expertise about Sakamoto Ryoma, who rose from being a low-class samurai in the Tosa Domain (now Kochi Prefecture) to becoming one of Japan’s most important reformers.

With over 20,000 views, viewers from all over the world tuned in to learn more about Ryoma’s childhood, escape from the Tosa Domain and efforts to modernize Japan.

Check out the livestream:『Sakamoto Ryoma & the History of Kochi (Shikoku)』

Sakamoto Ryoma & the History of Kochi (Shikoku)


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