International Families will Love a Kochi Prefecture Getaway

JI Core 50 consultant Connie Baker and CEO Ruth Jarman spent three days helping promote Kochi Prefecture tourism. Connie and Ruth found that this destination can offer Japan-based families excellent fun, learning and family time. Especially perfect for expats living in and around the Tokyo area.

Kochi Prefecture Tourism

Beautiful ocean views for healing and relaxation #visitkochi #Japan #ocean

20-plus year Japan resident and mother of three kids who are lifetime international schoolers, Connie (also active in St. Maur International School and a member of closed facebook group Yokohama Mammas) gave excellent insight.

Particularly, an international parent’s view into which areas and what content in Kochi would be perfect for an international resident’s summer family vacation, a Moms’ escape, or even a special anniversary trip for couples.
Kochi Prefecture

Spiritually healing temples and pilgrimage locations in Kochi
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Learning how perfectly Kochi natural salt is made at the seashore, watching an artisan blacksmith bring a beautiful knife to form using soft, locally sourced steel, and walking through the Sunday Market (Japan’s longest running at 300 years) were all highlights of the trip.
So many activities in Kochi offer traditional Japanese appeal for international families.
International Families will Love a Kochi Prefecture Getaway

Mystical views of Japan’s last pure river, Shimanto River. Shimanto River Valley is where families can kayak, canoe, camp, ride in Yakatabune, fish, walk and cycle. A perfect Summer destination. #summerdestination #shimantorivervalley #visitkochijapan #riverfishing #cyclejapan

Also, the mysterious misty views of the Shimanto River Valley was also a favorite that Connie felt would be perfect for internationals living in Japanese cities who want to take the kids and get away for a weekend.
International Families will Love a Kochi Prefecture Getaway

Learning how fresh salt is made from the rich ocean in Kochi.

International Families will Love a Kochi Prefecture Getaway

Kochi Natural Salt

Family travel to Kochi Japan was the focus of this trip, but the area offers a lot of opportunities for a variety of travelers to enjoy.
Jarman is honored to support Kochi Prefecture in their continued effort to reach out to the international community both here and abroad.