Sado Island Earth Celebration this Summer 2019

From August 16th to 18th, the little island of Sado dances to the sounds of taiko drums, song, and dance during the yearly Sado Earth Celebration music festival 2019!

Sado Island Earth Celebration this Summer 2019Run by the famous taiko drum group Kodo, for over three decades this huge drum festival has brought music lovers from across Japan and the world to the shores of Sado Island in Niigata prefecture, just an hour or so by ferry from nearby Niigata City.

The chance to hear these incredible artists play their huge Taiko drums up close and personal is just one of the reason music lovers flock to Japan’s longest running music festival.

Each year the group invites musicians from around the world to perform at the Harbour Market stage, bringing together artists and festivalgoers alike through the power of music.

Sado Island Earth Celebration this Summer 2019For the 2019 edition, the Kodo drummers will be collaborating with the acclaimed Korean percussion ensemble Kim Duk-Soo SamulNori.

Besides music, visitors can also enjoy light up events at the former Sado Gold Mine, watch movies at the outdoor Hello Japan Sea Cinema, sample tasty food at Harbour Market, and catch fringe events at Kisaki Shrine.

Book your tickets now, and enjoy drum performances under the stars this summer!