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The Medical Spa Therapy System


The system at Enoshima Island Spa for those who are interested in the medical therapy aspect of it, begins with a brief and thorough health examination.

The logo for the amsat system in use at enoshima island spa

Enoshima Island Spa proudly uses the revolutionary medical evaluation system AMSAT (Automatic System of Medical Therapy), which in just a few minutes can analyze electro conductivity of the body, and in just minutes understand the state and functionality of all the body’s 49 organs. Furthermore, circulation and muscle swelling is also identified with ease.

This examination allows the Enoshima Island Spa’s professional medical staff to craft a unique spa therapy program for each individual. Some standard courses are also offered for more common issues such as metabolism and pains from overworking.

One example of a course that is recommended for those who travel often by train, or airplane is called the “locomotive syndrome” course. 

Here is a simple walkthrough of this specific course:

  • Corresponding Issues: Stiff Shoulders, Back Pain, Knee Pain
  • Conditions: Joint Pain, Strains and Cricks, Stiffness
  • Objectives: Increase of Flexibility and Strength
  • Long term Goals: Promotion and Improvement of Blood Circulation


A nurse with a customer at enoshima island spa.
1. General AMSAT health examination from a doctor, Blood pressure, BMI analysis

the main doctor at enoshima island spa
2. Consultation with a doctor
pool exercises at enoshima island spa
3. Light pool exercises to loosen joints and muscles
A relaxing massage at enoshima island spa
4. Massage therapy for additional relaxation of joints and muscles
the onsen hot spring area at enoshima island spa
5. Healing hot spring therapy
a delicious and healthy meal during the enoshima island spa medical course
6. Healthy Meal


This course in essence represents the primary goals of Enoshima Island Spa. Spending simply one day in this therapeutic course will allow one to reach a new level of relaxation and holistic healing never before thought possible. It will inspire any and all to believe that taking the extra effort to give your body the gentle care and relaxation it deserves can be the one factor to insure a long, healthy life, stress and pain-free..