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Welcome to Enoshima Island Spa by Ruth Jarman Shiraishi and Austin Anthony Auger. Jarman International is proud of all that Enoshima Island Spa has to offer. 

We have a beautiful night time photo of enoshima island spa outdoor pool areaa special expat and international guest package for the spa that is only 20,000 yen for the entire day inclusive of a simple health check, 60 minute aromatherapy signature oil massage, full healthy lunch, foot massage, 30 minutes in the relaxation bed and not to mention full all-day access to heated outdoor pools, sauna, hot-spring and more. Come join us as we plan a special spa day on February 15. 

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Come Visit the Enoshima Island Spa

Just a short walk from Katase-Enoshima station on the Odakyuu line, or Enoshima station on the Enoden line.

Cross the bridge to Enoshima, and the spa is just on your right hand side!

The spa’s heated outdoor pools overlook the beautiful merger of the modern Tokyo metropolis and the vast Pacific Ocean. The hot spring and sauna facilities are unmatched in cleanliness and quality. Restaurants, salons, professional massages, and exclusively brewed coffee is icing on the cake for this hot spring spa.

Looking at simply the details common to all hot spring facilities paints well enough a picture of a top tier spa. And just around 1 hour from downtown Tokyo, one would think that this facility could not possibly be any more impressive…

However, this hot spring facility boasts yet another important detail which places it in a refined league of its own:

“Medical Hot Spring”

Enoshima Island Spa is home to a unique and exclusive hot spring health program.

Inside the spa you will find a sensible and comfortable clinic designed to assess your body’s status, and craft a unique and effective medical hot spring arrangement for you.

 the top concept photo for enoshima island spa's unique medical hot spring system