Slow Travel : Soul-rejuvenating escapes at Enoshima Island Spa

Enoshima Island Spa (Enospa) is introduced as a popular day-trip destination for weary travelers looking to release stress and tension in the new summer Time Out Tokyo. The enchanting oceanside outdoor heated pools offer an incredible view of Mount Fuji and the unique hot spring features mineral-rich water pumped from 1,500m below the island.

For the first time ever, over 200 international guests visited and enjoyed this beautiful day spa last May and it continues thereafter. After almost two years of building the Enospa Internet presence, spreading the word about the perfect mineral filled onsen there, the kind staff and more, enough satisfied customers wrote raving reviews on Trip Advisor and we were honored to receive the Certificate of Excellence for locations maintaining a rating of 4.5 stars or higher over an entire year.

Why don’t you experience the “best, soul-rejuvenating escapes” at Enospa this summer? A nice dip in the many pools at Enospa bring relaxation and excitement to your trip. The pool has been built into one of the cave networks in Enoshima. This cave has direct access from the above pool level via elevator, and the echoing sound of the splashing ocean make for a very surreal experience.

A great way to experience an onsen is to visit with friends. This summer Enoshima Island Spa is offering a variety of options to incorporate the spa, time with friends and great food. For more details, please visit or like their Facebook page for latest news.

Pick up a Time Out Tokyo copy and have an excellent weekend! Read how to take a bath at an onsen and how you can enjoy various getaway plans including Enoshima Island Spa. More from Time Out Tokyo and a list of distribution points here.