H&R Group – First Dedicated Japan Relocation Service in Myanmar

Our partner, H&R Group opened the first dedicated Japan relocation service to overseas business professionals in Myanmar for short to extended stay.

Myanmar is bordered by China, India and Thailand; well situated to becoming a major trade hub in Asia and it is expected to grow between 7-9% annually, on average, from now through 2030. The property market in Yangon is at a very challenging development stage where the supply of properties doesn’t meet the demand. After realizing both existing Japanese and international clients were headed to Myanmar and required services similar to what Nagoya based H&R Group (the parent company of Relo Japan) has covered for them since 1991, Japan-based Relo Japan K.K. President Steve Burson and his team started the research how they can provide services to international assignees. They met Myanmar native Ms. Zar through the spouse of one of Relo Japan’s clients in Hiroshima and immediately found common ground on a vision for helping to streamline Myanmar’s growth through support and care of its international community.

Myanmar is the 40th largest country in the world, and has the largest land mass in Southeast Asia. This is a very important service for many individuals and companies and a great step for Myanmar itself. Myanmar Relo Solutions summarizes some of the main challenges and what you need to be aware of in terms of rental levels here 

You can learn about more by our latest press release as well as their service in details here.