Feel the peaceful enchantment of Sado Island virtually via our latest Japan Travel Stories video: “Sado Island Rhythms.”

Sado Island RhythmsJarman International continues to develop new ways to share the wonder of Japan with the world. COVID-19 has significantly curtailed international travel, but our clients are finding new ways to reach out to travel-starved people around the world.

Kodo, the world-famous taiko performing arts ensemble based on Sado Island held their first-ever online version of their Earth Celebration music festival.

The number of participants worldwide tuning in was higher than ever, and we were honored to help with this groundbreaking online event to bring Sado Island and Kodo to the world. Similarly, we continue bringing you views, sounds and stories of Japan from our YouTube channel “Japan Travel Stories.” Tune in to listen to calming stories written by our CEO, Ruth Jarman, narrated by Chiara Terzuolo and produced/edited by Hana Shiraishi (For their profiles, please check JI Team page).

Our next video is set to be a mystical one about the Lady of Shimantogawa River Valley in Kochi! Please stay tuned.

Sado Island Rhythms | Japan Travel Stories

Sado Island Rhythms ・ A Short & Calming Travel Story


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