Japan Relocation Made Easy

Put simply, Relo Japan will make relocation to Japan easy.  The team of international, multi-lingual consultants are equipped with all the local knowledge necessary to ensure any move to the Tokyo or Nagoya area is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.  Moving to Japan does not have to be complex.  Contact Relo Japan Today!

RELO JAPAN provides professional and comprehensive support to meet all of your relocation needs.

  • The www.ReloJapan.com website – a comprehensive property search engine

  • Offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kobe (Osaka) providing nationwide service

  • Japan-wide coverage through affiliates in many locations

  • Access to all of the best properties available, through their multi-listing real estate partner

  • Short-term accommodation arrangements in furnished apartments

  • Settling-in services for individuals, couples and families

  • Repatriation support leading up to departure

  • Visa and immigration support, including local government compliance

  • Tenancy management and a 24-hour Japan Help Line

  • Expense management services, including payment of utilities

Relo Japan is part of The H&R Group. The H&R Group offers complete coordination of any move to Japan, providing support for the assignee and their family and also the company for which they work.  The H&R Group provides a wide range of real estate, relocation, and life-enrichment services, ensuring an easy transition to life in Japan.

The H&R GROUP offers the following services:

  • Rental property searches

  • Lease and sale of cars, furniture, and appliances

  • Fully serviced apartments

  • Complete relocation and repatriation services

  • Visa and immigration services

  • 24-hour Japan helpline

  • Expense management services

  • Driver’s license conversion services

  • Residential purchases

  • Commercial space leases

  • Cultural and information exchanges