Beng Teng Spa’s Hot Stone Massage For Better Fortune, Health & Beauty

Enoshima Island, just outside of Tokyo, is the perfect setting for a day spa.  The island is a treasure trove of history and beauty for all visitors and residents and is one of Japan’s ancient healing spots.

 At the Beng Teng Spa, inside the Enoshima Island Spa you can try a hot stone massage with stones that have been blessed at the local hilltop Enoshima Shrine.  The highest quality of basalt stones originating from the volcanic eruptions of Mt Fuji have been cured and hand-polished for hot stone massage at the Beng Teng Spa.  The purified stones (fuku-ishi) retain heat for up to 45 minutes and when taken to the shrine, a prayer was carried out to ask for better fortune, health and beauty for those who receive a hot stone massage using these stones.  Each month the stones are placed in the light of the full moon in order to purify and recharge their power.

Treat yourself to the Beng Teng Spa’s special hot stone massage treatment with spiritual powers of the positive and bright fuku-ishi.  All the massage therapists are highly skilled and will leave you feeling greatly energized and calm inside and out.

Signature Treatment
60 minutes, ¥10,260
90 minutes, ¥15,228

To make a booking, please phone directly on 0466-29-0690.  Access is around 80 minutes from downtown Tokyo and directions to the spa are available here.