ONLY in JAPAN series moves to new YouTube channel!

ONLY in JAPAN series moves to new YouTube channel!Have you subscribed John Daub’s new channel “John Daub * Only in Japan” yet?
The number of subscribers has kept increasing and now it’s been reaching to 50,000 since the channel was launched in June!

★To subscribe the John’s new channel, click the link here: “John Daub * ONLY in JAPAN.”

But WHY did he say good-bye to his old channel that had over 1.5 million subscribers in the world?
Our press release on Japan Times will tell you why John has started his new channel, and we are positive that you would like his channel more by knowing his passions to his channel, his viewers, and his respects to Japanese history and culture with people.

★For more details, please visit “Japan Today” via the link HERE.

★John’s a part of the JI Core 50 Team! Take a look at his Profile HERE.