Breathe, Relax and Feel the Magic in Jarman CEO’s New Short Story [Kochi, Japan]

Breathe, Relax and Feel the Magic in Jarman CEO's New Short Story [Kochi, Japan]“We arrive at our ryokan inn as the setting sun turns the sky a rosy pink and hints of gold infuse the backdrop for a crescent moon and a few early twinkling stars…”

Jarman International CEO, Ruth Marie Jarman, has published a variety of short stories based on her favorite memories and experiences while traveling around Japan. Her newest article depicts a fantastical encounter with three little frogs in Kochi prefecture at a traditional ryokan inn. There is poignant depth in her words that is so beautifully wrapped in giddy enchantment and a genuine love of Earth – like a Ghibli movie. Ruth’s stories always have a way of making you feel grateful for today and excited for tomorrow.


★Breathe, relax, and feel the magic in her new story: “Kochi Japan, Jibun ni Kaeru… A Rediscovery of What Matters” [LinkedIn] 

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★For more information about Kochi, please see the link: Visit Kochi Japan