H&R Group : English Speaking Doctors in Tokyo

Finding an English speaking doctor in Tokyo can be a daunting experience. If you don’t speak or understand Japanese very well, trying to find a doctor or health care provider may be difficult at times. How do you find someone who speaks English? Is there anyone in your location who does? How do you set up an appointment in Japanese (even if the doctor speaks English, often the receptionists don’t)?

Finding an appropriate doctor in a foreign (especially non-English speaking) country is as important as finding a suitable house for you and your family.

H&R Group has listed medical facilities with English speaking doctors and medical staff in Tokyo to ease your mind.

English Speaking Doctors in Tokyo

Hospitals and clinics on their list range from “English friendly” locations where only some of the staff speak English, to clinics specializing in foreigners whose English speaking doctors studied abroad, or may be foreign themselves, and are accustomed to providing care to foreign patients. These specialized clinics often allow you to make appointments in advance with a specific doctor, a practice not usually available in large Japanese hospitals. It is best to start witt one of these clinics if you are seeking medical attention, and get a referral to a major hospital if required.

H&R Group provides careful, friendly, and thorough assistance for those seeking relocation services, permanent housing, office space, car-lease support and basically any service involved in having overseas employees move to Japan. H&R Group can also assist with outbound business when firms want to send Japan-based employees to other locations. Their offices are located in Tokyo, Nagoya & Kobe.

From the moment you set your sights on Japan, to the day when you first kick your feet up in your new Japan residence or office space, H&R Group is by your side.