Enoshima Island Spa : Just 80 min. from Downtown Tokyo

Japanese people have a very typical structure for day trips, and it almost always involves historic sites, shopping for local products, and hot springs. Enoshima is a unique existence in that it is close to Tokyo, but has a mysterious and resilient power to remain quaint cozy.

Just 80 min. from downtown Tokyo, welcome to your coastal oasis, Enoshima. Explore the island  then take off the bite of sore muscles and a busy mind as you step into the Enoshima Island Spa. Japanese Hot-Spring is a holistic approach to health.

Enoshima Island Spa combines hot-spring, medical, macrobiotic food and environment therapy into a turn-key solution for international residents of Japan and travellers: onsen and pools with a view of Mt Fuji and the ocean, sauna, and aromatherapy oil massage on Enoshima island.

There is no reservation required for entrance and the entrance rate before 6 p.m. is 2,742 yen/person and the rate after that in the evening is 1,705 yen/person.

For those who are interested in spa treatment, Enospa offers below Mermaid plan, which include full facility use. I am sure it will make your visit even more memorable because their professional treatment is really wonderful.  Also, when you make a booking in advance, you can use Enospa owned underground parking lot for free while you stay at the spa. (Please ask for a parking space at the time of reservation.)

Mermaid Plan

40 minutes, ¥9, 762 (Body treatment only)
60 minutes, ¥13, 002 (Body treatment only)
80 minutes, ¥16, 350  (2 options : “Body and Reflexology” or “Body and Facial”)

*Enospa’s Signature therapeutic massage treatment.
*Full facility use and membership included in plan.

For the onsen and pools no reservation is required. For massages or other treatment packages, you can call directly to 0466-29-0690 to make a reservation at BengTeng or emial jarmaninternational@gmail.com.

We are thrilled to have you here in Enoshima, and invite you to take a rest at the spa, and experience the healing of Japanese mineral hot springs.

Please enjoy!