Enoshima Island Spa : Special Seats for Fujisawa Fireworks Festival on October 18

Although summer is usually the season for fireworks in Japan, Fujisawa-Enoshima Fireworks Festival breaks with the trend and provides over 3000 shots of colorful fireworks on the 18th of October.  Considering the earlier sunset, the start of 6pm is much earlier than the summer festivals making a day trip to Enoshima from Tokyo a reasonable proposition.

Enoshima Island Spa provides the special seats for this festival. You can have truly one of the best spots to enjoy these explosive wonders with the perfect background of the nearby Enoshima and the night sea.

Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks Festival

Date:      Sat Oct 18 (in case of rain, event will be moved to Sun Oct 19)
Time       6pm-6.45pm
URL      www.fujisawa-kanko.jp/event/fujisawahanabi.html
Venue   Katase Beach

Please call Enospa at 0466-29-0688 to make reservations for the following special seats now. They offer a couple of seat types and we highly recommend the Oceanside Cafe seats on the pool side and the Shonan Burger seats to see beachside fireworks light up the autumn sky.

Please enjoy!


Oceanside Cafe seats on the pool side:

12,000 yen including a full day Enospa facility use, Japanese boxed meals and one drink


Shonan Burger seats :

Price varies from 4,000 to 10,000 yen depending on seat location. One drink and light snacks are included.


Island Grill Restaurant :

9,800 yen including Buffet style dinner and all you can drink



Seat Map: http://www.enospa.jp/pdf/hanabi_fujisawa_20140911.pdf

Enoshima Island Spa website: http://enoshimaislandspa.com/