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Kyoto, in summer, is famed for its stifling humidity, but now as we head towards autumn and the weather cools it is a good time to visit the Imperial City and see some of the many sights – seventeen of which being UNESNO World Heritage Sites – for which it is celebrated.

While the city has well organized public transport systems including low cost day trip bus passes that are perfect for visitors wanting to get around, at this time of year busses are trains can be extremely busy as every man and his dog flocks them to one time capital. If you want to avoid the crush but see everything this beautiful city has to offer, a great idea is to join one of the many bicycle tours of Kyoto Japan .

Cycle Kyoto

On the back of their success with Cycle Osaka, Cycle Kyoto have branched out to bring their experience of running small group cycle tours to Kyoto. Whilst understanding that hitting the big name sites is important, they also believe that it is the city – the narrow streets, the food vendors, the riverside paths – that take a great day trip and turn it into something fantastic. And when you are finished you can refresh with a shower and a cold beer at their beautiful old house just one minute from the station.

Cost: 6,000 -10,000 JPY for four and seven hour tours, respectively
Website: www. cyclekyoto.net

Kyoto Cycling Tour Project

Kyoto Cycling Tour Project have various tours when take in different parts of the city. If there is a particular site you want to hit, they can take you there, or if you just want to meander the back streets, that is available too. There are five courses to choose from, or they can make a custom tour to match your requirements. Apart from the full Kyoto package, tours tend to be on the short side – up to 3.5 hours – meaning that tourists of all fitness levels can take part.

Cost: Costs range from 5,500 – 13,200 JPY per person based on a 4 person tour.
Website: www.kctp.net

Urban Adventures

With operation in 124 cities across 84 countries Urban Adventures claim to offer an experience for those who want to get off the beaten path and really connect with a destination, taking travelers to interesting places to meet locals, and to really see what makes a place tick. Their three hour Kyoto tour takes in shrines, canals, the Path of Philosophy and educates on the history of the city.

Cost: 6,666 – 7,407 JPY
Website: www.urbanadventurs.com

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