Explore Japan in Luxury With JapanQuest Journeys

Explore Japan in Luxury With JapanQuest Journeys

Kyoto tea-ceremony

When planning a trip to Japan, you may only think you have two choices. First, you could take on the task yourself, choosing activities, accommodations, and meals on your own. But getting into the top locales isn’t always simple long distance. Or, you could pick a predesigned tour that’s already mapped out, but that doesn’t leave much room for changes. But with JapanQuest Journeys, you have a third option: a luxury tour completely customized to you.

Now doesn’t that sound better?

Founded by Scott Gilman and Philip Rosenfeld, JapanQuest Journeys handles all elements of your trip, from start to finish, providing what they call end-to-end platinum quality service perfect for the discerning traveler interested in the very best. With offices in both the United States (Washington, DC) and Japan (Tokyo), JapanQuest Journeys can help you plan your trip from start to finish. Their in-country representatives are constantly discovering new activities and venues to add to their wealth of knowledge about Japan to ensure you never miss out on what’s going on or feel anything less than prepared during your stay in Japan. The ultimate insiders, they’re connected to the top hotels, ryokans, dining establishments and experiences you just can’t find on your own. Want to get into that restaurant you keep reading about or looking to stay in that hotel with the amazing view? They can help you with that, too.

Contact JapanQuest Journeys today to learn more about their Bespoke Itineraries as well as their Signature Journeys throughout Japan. While groups are typically small in size (between two and six people), they’re able to work with larger groups upon request. Their experts are ready to take your interests, goals and needs and plan a truly unique visit you’ll never forget. So, why not see Japan in a new way?