Cafes at Enospa

Enospa has many attractions to keep you entertained and satisfied for an entire day’s visit. Aside from the bountiful meal options, they also offer cafes for any mood you might be in.

The Brand New Kitchen

“The Brand New Kitchen” can be accessed on the main floor of Enospa, and doesn’t require that you actually pay to enter the spa area. So just a quick stop here for some coffee before strolling the rest of the island is perfectly fine.

the brand new kitchen in the first floow lobby of Enoshima Island Spa

The kitchen here offers a solid variety of snacks, drinks, and also more meal-oriented options. The “Enoshima Coffee” is particularly delicious, as they have it imported for exclusive use at Enoshima Island Spa.

Drink Menu:

The brand new kitchen at Enoshima Island Spa

・Enoshima Coffee Hot or Iced ¥450
・Espresso ¥250
・Cafe Latte ¥450
・Caramel Latte ¥450
・Cafe Mocha ¥450
・Cappuccino ¥450
・Red Tea (Hot) ¥400
・Red Tea (Iced) ¥350
・Orange Juice ¥400
・Grapefruit Juice ¥400
・Cola ¥350
・Ginger Ale ¥350
・Calpis ¥350
・Calpis Soda ¥350
・Melon Soda ¥350
・Uulong tea ¥350
・Draft Beer ¥600
・Enoshima Beer ¥750
・Chuu-hai ¥400
・Non-alcoholic Beer ¥450

The brand new kitchen bengteng coffee and cake set
The Benten roll coffee set

Food menu:
☆Enoshima Dolce☆
・Enoshima Benten Roll ¥380
・Dragon Chocolat ¥480
・Enoshima Roll Cake ¥380
・Enoshima Coffee Affogato ¥400
・Soft Serve Ice Cream ¥300 

☆Value Set☆
・Benten Roll Coffee set ¥700
・Chocolat Coffee set ¥800
・Roll Cake Coffee set ¥700

Take out Menu (Saturday and Sunday only)

take out food from the brand new kitchen at Ensohima Island Spa

・Hamburg ¥700
・Juicy Chicken ¥750
・Fish Fry ¥800

・Enoshima Shrimp Potatoes ¥300
・Home Fries ¥250
・Fried Chicken ¥280

The next two cafes are in the pool areas of Enoshima Island Spa. That is, you must actually enter the spa area to access them. After all, they are poolside, so of course you will want to relax and take a dip when you have your coffee, tea, etc.

The Moonlight Cafe

The Moonlight Cafe contains the full menu of the Brand New Kitchen, and is located in the cave pool area of Enospa. It is a very serene and relaxing environment enhanced by the gentle sounds of running water and echoes of the cavern walls.

A beautiful image of the moonlight cafe in the cave area of Enoshima Island Spa



The Seaside Cafe

For a brighter, and more energetic cafe experience with an excellent ocean view, why not try the Seaside Cafe in the outdoor pool area? This is the best place in Enospa to see the full frontal view of the majestic Mt. Fuji. The heated pool and reclining chairs make this a very popular spot to relax the day away, or at least until it’s time for a massage.

 The relaxing Seaside Cafe in the outdoor pool area of Enoshima Island Spa

The Seaside Cafe also has its own unique menu, which is a bit more on the sweet side:

・Mineral Water(16 types)¥150~¥280
・Coca Cola ¥300
・Desert Crepe(3 flavors) ¥350
・Gelato(8 flavors) ¥350