The Enoshima Island Spa Diet

Restaurants at Enospa

Enoshima Island Spa is first and foremost a full service relaxation and health facility with unique holistic medical services that set it apart from any other in Japan. However, Enospa also recognizes that “health maintenance” goes hand in hand with a proper diet. Here are the food options at Enoshima, crafted to give you both an authentic taste of healthy Japanese cuisine, and the nutrition and energy your body needs to stay on top of depression and lethargy.

The Island grill
The island grill at Enoshima Island Spa overlooking the Sagami bay
Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with Mt. Fuji shining in the coastal background, the Island Grill lives up to its name with a fresh and varied menu ranging from seafood paired with traditional Japanese root vegetables, to delicious and filling meat and pasta options.
All meals are reasonably portioned and prepared with “food combinations” in mind; optimized for energy, digestion, and metabolism.
Meal with local Enoshima seafood at Enoshima Island Spa
This is a the “Ocean Blessing Bouillabaisse”made with the freshest local seafood, and prepared by Enospa’s high-class chefs.
Sushi Restaurant- Miura Misako
Fresh sushi from the Enoshima Island Spa sushi shop
Run by Sushi chef Mr. Yusuke Takashima, Miura Misako delivers world-class sushi fresh caught from  the Enoshima area, and also delivered fresh each morning from the world famous Tokyo Tsukiji fish market.
Sushi is a very simple meal, focusing on the simplistic and unique flavor of the fish. With just natural oils and a bit of soy sauce, ginger, or wasabi, the delicious and healthy flavors of each fish are brought to life.
shirasu sushi fresh caught in Enoshima
This piece of sushi uses the Enoshima local specialty “shirasu”. Shirasu are the tiny fish shown here, and ore often enjoyed fried, or in a rice bowl. The high protein content and soft texture with only a very light fish flavor make shirasu a favorite of all. It may look a bit intimidating, but after trying it just one time, we guarantee you’ll be a fan as well.