H&R Group – Top 5 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Tokyo

If you are new to Tokyo or would like to try somewhere different this year for Hanami (cherry blossom viewing), take a look at the Top 5 Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo, as recommended by the H&R Group’s Japan Info Swap.  Hanami, translates to ‘flower viewing’ but is specifically associated with the cherry blossoms (sakura) or sometimes plum blossoms (ume) that bloom in spring.  Additionally, Hanami is usually associated with the Japanese custom of enjoying a picnic while viewing and admiring the beauty of the blossoms.  Each year the first blooming of the sakura is highly anticipated, with much forecasting as to when it will occur in each of the main centres.  You can find a link to an official cherry blossom forecasts for this year within Japan Info Swap’s article.

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