Things to Do in Tokyo During Golden Week

Looking for some things to do in Tokyo during Golden Week?

Golden Week is the longest public holiday in Japan, and many residents take trips abroad, or go to tourist areas like Kyoto over the break. Trains and airports are usually extremely crowded, and the traffic into any area worth a visit is going to be heavy at best, standstill at worst. Need a hotel? If you haven’t booked one well in advance, you are probably not going to get one during Golden Week.

To sum up, it seems like everyone goes somewhere during this holiday, but if you are not interested or able to leave Tokyo, there are still a wide variety of activities to keep yourself entertained during the Golden Week holiday period.

H&R Group’s Japan Info Swap shares with us some of the more interesting things you can do during the first week in May. Check out their very informative post: Things to do in Tokyo for Golden Week 2016.

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