HRM – The most valuable companies are…

A book (by Sakamoto Kouji) that explains that small and medium sized companies are the futures of Japan

Small and medium sized companies are the future of Japan and no one knows this better than HRM. Sakamoto Kouji, a professor at Hosei University in Tokyo, published a book on the subject. Sakamoto-sensei addresses the economic needs of a Japan with declining jobs and a declining working population, and the important role upcoming businesses play. “Nihon de Ichiban Taisetsu ni Shitai Kaisha” (Lit. The companies [I want] to value the most in Japan), a sort of handbook on the future of business in Japan, has become the representative mentality of organizations such as HRM: focusing on the value of human contribution on a micro-level.

To celebrate and commemorate Sakamoto-sensei’s significant and direction-changing business ideals, an annual conference is held to recognize outstanding contributions in the world of small and medium companies. The “Taisetsu Taisho”. Take a moment to look into some of the most progressive happenings in Japanese business.