Japan sits alone on the eastern edge of the pacific, engulfed in awe and intrigue. Depending on the person, varied imagery come to mind when thoughts of Japan are stirred. How about you?

The historical aspect of Japanese culture- samurais

Images of valiant Samurai warriors battling in feudal warfare?
This was certainly a major part of my “Japan fantasy”.

A view of Tokyo, the most populated city in the world.

A booming metropolitan Tokyo area that boasts the highest population in the world?

Perhaps you’re interested in Japan’s, shall we say, more “eccentric” side?
The eccentric aspect of Japanese culture- Kyary Pyamu-Pyamu is a popular Japanese singer
We all have different views and expectations of places we travel to; especially toward the land of the rising sun. Even those of us who have lived here for some time will still view Japan through the lens that we want to. Regardless however, of your expatriate or tourist status, Japan is actually a pretty down to earth place, and moreover a wonderful country with wonderful people (not to mention a host of business and leisure opportunities!).
Yet, possibly due to some of our expectations, or even just our lack of experience, it can be a bit difficult to get the most out of our experience here. Where (and also how) to go? What to do? What are the proper manners for different situations? These questions are essential for any and all visitors to Japan. This is where “Omotenashi” come into play.
Tsukune is a famous dish in Japan
Omotenashi basically means hospitality. Hospitality and a welcoming attitude makes Japan, and more importantly, Japanese people more approachable. For things as simple as going out to try various types of food at a Japanese style Izakaya, or something a bit more complicated like finding lodging in a distant mountain town, the Japanese people are extremely helpful and dependable: but we must communicate with one another. We want to foster that communication, enrich cultural awareness on both sides, and most of all, just have a good time! There is so much to know about Japan, so lets take make the most of the Japanese “Omotenashi”.
This is going to be a major television project. Restaurant reviews, cross cultural exchange, manner guides, adventure ideas big and small, this program is going to be the ultimate source for having a good time in Japan, and all the while having Japanese people both assist and participate.
Will follow up soon with a facebook group. Be sure to keep an eye out and look forward to some exciting stuff.