The Jarman International-organized livestream with John Daub, Alex Kerr and Rogier Uitenboogaart was featured in the Japan Times! (Kochi Prefecture)

In late November, Jarman International organized a livestream with JI Core 50 member and YouTuber John Daub of ONLY in JAPAN * GO, world-renowned American author Alex Kerr, and washi paper master Rogier Uitenboogaart from the mountain town of Yusuhara Continue Reading

Kamikoya Washi Studio was featured in the Japan Times!

Recently, Jarman International helped Kamikoya Washi Studio get featured in the Sustainable Japan Times Gallery October edition (operated by the Japan Times). The gallery introduced an early October event in Tokyo, where Rogier Uitenboogaart, the owner of Kamikoya Washi Studio, Continue Reading